For the second year running, Epta is ranked among the winners of the Best Managed Companies, the prestigious award promoted by Deloitte that enhances the excellence of Italian businesses. An innovative format that is an opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves by the results obtained as well as their resilience in dealing with the difficult situation caused by this unprecedented period of uncertainty.

The breadth of the Best Managed Companies award is that it does not just limit itself to recognising the goals achieved. It also activates a growth programme, guiding companies along a path of continuous improvement, testifying to the commitment and the ability of companies through the analysis of six critical success factors, namely strategy, skills and innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, commitment and corporate culture, governance, performance measurement and internationalisation.

Epta has distinguished itself in several ways, including investments in the growth of talents and focus on innovation. The jury particularly appreciated the second edition of EPTAcademy, the training programme developed in association with SDA Bocconi School of Management dedicated to refining middle management skills. Worthy of note is also our innovative FTE technology at the heart of the Life-C4R project, co-funded by the European Union, created to raise awareness within the scientific community and component supply chain as well as all players within the Retail world to choose increasingly sustainable solutions, accelerating the spread of highly efficient CO2 refrigeration units.

Marco Nocivelli, President and CEO of the Epta Group said, “I am very proud to have received this award for the second year running. It confirms our work and bodes well for the future, as evidence of the solid foundations that we have laid and of the continuous improvement, which we are always striving to achieve. I would like to thank all those who, with their commitment, have enabled us to obtain this important award.”

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Epta presents the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020, a document that illustrates the Group’s orientation in creating shared value. The company undertakes this commitment every day towards people, local communities and the environment.

To guarantee maximum transparency and objectivity, the Report has been validated by the TÜV Austria Cert GmbH Institute according to GRI Core Option standards. Moreover, in line with the path undertaken in previous editions, the Group has reviewed the material aspects of the Report thanks to a survey involving a sample of both internal and external stakeholders. The risks, opportunities and aspects most important to the business have been identified and the most relevant KIPs investigated. This is a more structured and accurate process that gives the new edition of Epta’s CSR a greater solidity.

Seven years ago, we undertook a path on the way to sustainability, consecrating the CSR report as central element of the Group’s philosophy. With the 2020 edition we want to strengthen our commitment to continuous improvement, following sustainable values which can be of inspiration to us”. Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group comments and adds, “In the last three years we have achieved and even exceeded the challenging goals we had set ourselves by offering, for example, products which ensure 50% more energy saving compared to previous versions.” He concludes, “Aiming to further reduce the impact on the planet’s resources will be one of our priority goals, also in the near future, in line with the principles of the Circular Economy. We will undertake to adapt our products and processes to this model, founded on the “reduce, reuse and recycle” paradigm, in line with the Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), to guarantee greater sustainability of the entire business system.”

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Epta presents the data of the Italian 2019 report on WEEE management (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), prepared by the Remedia Consortium to which the Group adheres in order to comply with the regulatory obligations of Legislative Decree 49/2014, in the application of the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).   


This provision, in the implementation of Directive 2012/19/EU, specifies the measures to protect the environment and health, to prevent and reduce the negative impacts caused by both the production of technological equipment and the management of waste produced by it. Techniques are then defined on the reuse and recycling of WEEE, to offer an intelligent alternative so as not to saturate the receptive capacity of landfills and to promote, at the same time, the recovery of solutions arrived to the end of their life and their reintegration into the production process.


The Report highlights three key indicators: first and foremost, the nominal quantity of WEEE, collected and treated for Epta, equal to 621,406 Kg. The Carbon Footprint avoided of 10,087t CO2eq, achieved thanks to the recovery of matter and energy over the entire life cycle. An efficiency that will guarantee a benefit equal to the downtime of 3,100 cars which travel 20,000 km a year. Finally, the Material Footprint of 1,118t of resources saved, again thanks to the recovery of raw materials and energy. A value that expresses the balance between mineral and fossil resources extracted and those saved/not extracted, is equivalent to the weight of 222 locomotives fully loaded.


These results are clear evidence of Epta’s commitment to an increasingly sustainable and responsible approach to the environment. A daily commitment, which is reflected along the entire supply chain with the ambitious objective of promoting a circular economy, in perfect synergy with the aims of the current regulations.

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Some places leave an indelible mark on the personal growth and the path taken. Places made of things, people and experiences that have represented a starting point and made possible a journey towards the achievement of a bigger project.

There comes a time, in the continuity of history, where one feels the need to give back. Epta, always attentive to the enhancement of the territory, in order to reconfirm its recognition and closeness to the areas where it works and to the local community, has donated a cold room to Luigi Costan and to Costa San Nicolò Comelico. This small town is the birthplace of Mario and Alberto Costan, the two founders of the historic brand, currently the leading brand of the Epta Group.

Costan, the original nucleus of Epta, was founded in 1946 when the brothers Mario and Alberto Costan from Val Comelico set up the first artisan workshop in Turin to produce iceboxes and refrigerated cabinets. From the early years of the business, the two founders already knew how to seize the opportunities offered by the nascent Large-Scale Food Distribution sector, determining the success of the brand. The results were so positive that they needed to expand their production facility continuously, eventually transferring from Turin to Limana to an area of 23,000 m². Since then, the brand has continued to grow, becoming an international reference point in the commercial refrigeration sector.

The cold room, which will be used for the activity of tourist development, is a small tribute, but it represents a significant sign of the deep bond between the company, the Costan family and the Dolomites and a symbol of a part of the local history: so that it remains in the memory of the population and of future generations, who will have the important task of preserving and evolving the cultural heritage of the area.

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Epta once again proves its commitment to sustainable development by becoming Premium Exhibitor of the Virtual Trade Show: the first totally virtual fair dedicated to natural refrigerants, promoted by the ATMOsphere; a division of Shecco, live online from 1 to 2 September 2020.

A truly unique event which will be live for 24 hours, will travel “around the world” commencing in Europe and following all time zones will continue to the Middle East and Africa, followed by North, Central and South America, finally drawing to a close on 2 September in Asia Pacific. A “virtual tour” without precedents for the cold industry, which has the ambitious goal of uniting a public of experts of global excellence, to share the most interesting aspects of cutting-edge technologies for natural refrigeration.

Epta has always been ready to respond, with its vast range of products and services, the continued drive to make stores of any size and in any climate condition ever more energy efficient. 100% of the remote cabinets from the Group’s brands are already powered by CO2 R744; a natural refrigerant with an admirable GWP of 1. Finally, Epta has long since continued its renewal of its ranges of plug-ins and cabinets with incorporated units from all its brands with versions powered by propane R290, or other gases with lower GWP.

The event will also be an opportunity to illustrate the Life-C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project by Epta and co-funded by the European Union and the goals already reached.

It is a three-year plan, which will end in 2021, originally created with the aim of raising the awareness of all players in the sector to the use of increasingly efficient solutions and demonstrating how it is possible to completely replace HCFC and HFC refrigerants with transcritical CO2,anywhere in the world. At the heart of Life-C4R, there is the patented FTE 2.0 Full transcritical Efficiency system and the subcooler ETE Extreme Temperature Efficiency technology, identified by the European Union as deserving of special attention thanks to its combined efficiency and simplicity.

To participate in the inaugural Virtual Trade Show simply access the dedicated portal https://atmo-marketplace.com: an easy-to-navigate and visually appealing website, which will allow “visitors” to cross the exhibition rooms and participate in webinars and networks, recreating the feeling of a physical event. During the live event, the exhibitors will be able to interact with the participants through real-time chat and audio and video functions.

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Epta, with its project Life-C4R Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, is Platinum Sponsor of the sixth edition of the IIR International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain 2020.

It is a biennial event, supported by the International Institute of Refrigeration and recognised globally as one of the most advanced events in the cold chain. Since its initial launch, the event has had the ambitious goal of bringing together the international public of experts, researchers and industrialists with all the latest news and key technological trends in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump segments. A moment of information, sharing, and exchange, to promote an increasingly sustainable culture in the HVAC&R sector and aim at the growth of the entire sector.

Among the topics at the centre of the debate of this sixth edition of ICCC 2020 in Nantes from 26 to 28 August will be, for example, food quality and safety in the cold chain, energy efficiency, new eco-design of equipment, refrigerants of the future and technological innovations.

We are firmly convinced that “knowing” is now more than ever the key to making “sustainable” choices in any field. This is why we are so proud to sponsor this sixth edition of the ICCC 2020, whose aims are perfectly in line with the philosophy behind the EPTA Life-C4R project, co-funded by the EU, designed to accelerate the implementation of the highly efficient transcritical CO2 natural refrigeration systems”, comments Francesco Mastrapasqua, Project Leader Life-C4R of Epta. He continues, “This is a three-year plan, which will end in 2021, created precisely to raise awareness among the scientific community, component suppliers and all players in the retail world to the use of increasingly efficient solutions and show how HCFC and HFC refrigerants can be completely replaced by transcritical CO2, anywhere in the world.” He concludes, “Our participation as a sponsor demonstrates further evidence of the responsible approach of the Company, also in view of the great impact of the HVAC&R sector on global energy consumption.

More information on the event programme is available at the following link: https://iccc2020.sciencesconf.org/data/pages/ICCC2020_Previsional_program_at_a_glance_200305.pdf

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The management offices of Milan and the production sites of Limana, Casale Monferrato, Solesino and Pomezia of Epta obtain compliance with the Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) for the first time. This is an important international certification that attests, on the one hand, the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, expressed in tonnes of equivalent CO2 and, on the other hand, the definition of a strategic plan for continuous improvement of its performance for the future.

This objective of this Standard, obtained the world over by more than 1,100 companies, is to help guide industries, over time, to a responsible and optimal management of its greenhouse gas emissions, minimising its impact on the environment. A process of change made possible by a quantitative assessment process that, year after year, provides each operator with a precise performance framework, compared with that of the best performer in the same sector.

The Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) is based on three specific aspects: the complete collection of the data on energy consumption, the reduction of its Carbon Footprint in a given reference period and good management of its emissions, based on greenhouse gas monitoring. During the assessment period, Epta marked the achievement of a considerable milestone in 2019 with an absolute reduction of tCO2e emissions of 2.1% and a relative decrease in tco2e /worked hours of 6.3%, for an overall qualitative assessment score of 75%, which attests the Company’s contribution to combat climate change.

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Epta, with the Life-C4R project, globally sponsors the second edition of the #WorldRefrigerationDay. A day established on 26 June to honour William Thomson, inventor of the Kelvin scale and one of the fathers of thermodynamics.  The aim is to raise awareness among the industry and the public towards sustainable management of the entire cold chain: from the refrigeration sector to that of air-conditioning and heat pumps.

The initiative, which again this year boasts the support of the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), draws the attention of the entire Planet to the significant role that the HVACR sector plays, every day, in multiple aspects of people’s lives, charting the refrigeration route of the future, increasingly natural and sustainable.

A philosophy in line with the leitmotiv of the three-year Life C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project by Epta, co-funded by the EU, with the aim of demonstrating that it is possible to completely replace HCFC and HFC with transcritical CO2, in order to reduce the carbon footprint and, at the same time, achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption.

In Spain Epta will sponsor the web conference Día Mundial de la Refrigeración and in Italy it will take part in the webinar entitled “The latest technologies in Conditioning and Refrigeration at the time of post Covid-19” organised by Centro Studi Galileo in association with ATFAssociazione dei Tecnici Italiani del Freddo (Association of Italian Refrigeration Technicians).  Some of the most authoritative Italian voices of the HVACR sector will take to the virtual stage, including Francesco Mastrapasqua, Advocacy & Regulatory Affairs Manager of Epta, who will give a talk on “Solutions for sustainable commercial refrigeration with zero climate impact”.

This is a unique opportunity to draw attention to the important goals achieved by Epta as part of the development of technologies that look to the future, to help guide the sector towards green alternatives. A veritable “sustainable revolution” carried on by Epta precisely to introduce ingenious natural refrigerant solutions to the market, in any climate zone.

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Marco Nocivelli awarded Order of Merit for Labour

The President of Italy Sergio Mattarella has awarded Marco Nocivelli an Order of Merit for Labour.
The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Epta Group is one of the 25 entrepreneurs granted this title. Established in 1901, the Order of Merit for Labour is conferred each year on Republic Day to prominent figures who have stood out in the sectors of agriculture, industry, commerce, crafts, credit and insurance.
It is necessary to have operated in the sector continuously for at least twenty years in a position of leadership and to have made a significant contribution, through business, to economic growth, social development and innovation.
“It is a great honour to be awarded an Order of Merit for Labour. A recognition that also rewards the commitment and determination of all collaborators of the Group, who are the driving force at Epta in Italy and around the world,” stated Marco Nocivelli. “This is not a target reached but a new starting point for constant improvement, [we are] always ready to face the challenges of the market with confidence and to do our part to promote local development and increase the wellbeing of the community, which is more important than ever during this moment of national recovery”, he added. “On a personal level I feel invested with a huge responsibility, since I believe that entrepreneurs are called to set a good example for society in terms of integrity, transparency and ethics.” he concluded.
To date, 2,822 entrepreneurs have been awarded an “Order of Merit for Labour”, counting those proposed by the Italian Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, in consultation with the Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Teresa Bellanova, who are named in the decree signed on 29 May by the President of Italy.
Below is a list of the 2020 recipients:
Maria Allegrini (Agriculture / viticulture - Veneto)
Antonio Campanile (Chemical industry - Umbria)
Giuseppe Castagna (Credit - Lombardy)
Lorenzo Coppini (Electroacoustic transducer industry - Tuscany)
Anna Maria Grazia Doglione (Iron and steel industry - Piedmont)
Ferruccio Ferragamo (Fashion - Tuscany)
Nicola Fiasconaro (Craft confectionery products - Sicily) Mario
Frandino (Food industry - Piedmont)
Maria Laura Garofalo (Private Healthcare - Lazio)
Alessandro Gilardi (Construction industry - Piedmont)
Guido Roberto Grassi Damiani (Jewelery - Abroad)
Giuseppe Maiello (Trade of perfumery - Campania)
Enrico Marchi (Airport activities - Veneto)
Luciano Martini (Food industry - Emilia Romagna)
Paolo Merloni (Household appliances industry - Marche)
Marco Nocivelli (Refrigeration - Lombardy)
Guido Ottolenghi (Port logistics - Emilia Romagna)
Gian Battista Parati (High specialization industry - Lombardy)
Umberto Pesce (Metalworking industry - Basilicata)
Federico Pittini (Steel industry - Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Giovanni Ravazzotti (Ceramic Industry - Abroad)
Giorgia Serrati (Trade of preserved fish - Liguria)
Silvia Stein (Knitwear - Veneto)
Maurizio Stirpe (Component industry - Lazio)
Guido Valentini (Metalworking Industry - Lombardy) 
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FTE, a new approach to natural refrigeration: Multi-award winning internationally, it is part of the Life-C4R project


More than 250 installations around the world and numerous awards are confirmation of the reliability of FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency by Epta. The system has already received appreciation all over Europe, which can be seen through the candidacy for finalist of the German Innovation Award for the climate and the environment (IKU), the German Refrigeration Award 2018, which rewards the development of innovative and energy-efficient technologies, the Italian award Sustainable Development 2018, which celebrates success in the green economy, the Perifem Award 2018, organised by the French association of Retail technical producers and, finally, the RAC Cooling Award 2017 – Refrigeration Innovation of the Year, key English event for the HVAC&R sector.

 FTE is an innovative technology and available on a large scale, the result of a new approach to natural refrigeration, which merges simplicity, reliability, functionality, energy saving and better performance, in any climate condition. Analysis of the results recorded in South America, Europe and Australia, is evidence of the excellence of the system and confirms a 10% energy saving (compared to a standard CO2 booster plant) and up to 20% lower installation and maintenance costs.

For the important and positive contribution it makes to lowering the greenhouse effect by reducing consumption and the exclusive use of CO2 as refrigerant, FTE has been identified as the key technology to protect the environment and the climate. It has been inserted into the prestigious project entitled Life-C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, co-financed by the European Union in line with grant agreement n° LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120. It is a three-year initiative (2018-2021), launched to raise awareness in the scientific community, among component suppliers and all the players in the Retail world on the use of increasingly efficient solutions. A further objective is to show how it is possible to completely replace HCFC and HFC refrigerants with transcritical CO2, in a simple, efficient and reliable manner, anywhere in the world, thereby contributing to define the new standards and the technologies of the future for natural refrigeration.

The plan provides for three pilot projects in Italy, four replica prototypes in Spain and Romania installed with the Epta Iberia and DAAS partners, which will allow new data to be provided to confirm the thesis underlying Life-C4R.

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