Epta sponsor of World Refrigeration Day 2021, with the Life-C4R project


Epta, with the Life-C4R –Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project is sponsor of World Refrigeration Day 2021. Scheduled from 21 June to 4 July, the event will celebrate the key players and technologies of the sector and raise awareness among the public to the central role that refrigeration and conditioning play in modern society.

More than 15 million people are employed worldwide in the refrigeration segment. To enhance their profession and inspire young people to embark on a career in the HVACR world, the focus chosen for this year’s World Refrigeration Day is “Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World”. This principle is shared by Epta that promotes the importance that students and young professionals have in the refrigeration world with numerous initiatives and scholarships. Supporting the training of new generations, so that they may avail of a high level of preparation, in a growing professional area, will allow to respond effectively to the challenges imposed by continuous technological progress and by European and international regulations, increasing the success of the sector. 

The event will also be an occasion for Epta to spread awareness with regard to the efficiency and performance of natural refrigeration systems, result of the commitment and talent of the professionals of the sector, destined to open the road to green refrigeration of the future. A tangible example of this is Life-C4R Project digital conference, scheduled for 1 July. A moment to gain in-depth knowledge on the technological innovations introduced by this Plan co-financed by the European Union, the lessons learned and all the advantages of FTE 2.0 and ETE technologies. The goal is to show, starting from the results of their application in the field, that it is possible to completely replace the traditional synthetic refrigerants HCFC and HFC with a natural refrigerant such as CO2, from the minimum GWP. Registration is open at the link:


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Epta has been entered once again into the ADI Design Index, the annual ADI publication, Association for Industrial Design, which presents a selection of the best projects portraying the typical value and quality of Made in Italy. The Epta Group boasts the Corner Shop-in-Shop which is in association with Electrolux in the ADI Design Index 2018, has now been chosen for the traditional Velvet by Costan / Shape by Bonnet Névé cabinet, included in the Food Design section of the ADI Design Index 2020.


Velvet / Shape, part of the OutFit by Costan / Mozaïk by Bonnet Névé family, is designed to emphasise the assortment and quality of the fresh and highly perishable serve over products in every type of store, from hypermarkets to convenience stores. With 480 possible combinations between superstructures, aesthetics and Velvet / Shape models it has creative versatility and is able to shape the character of each store so that it is unique and recognisable, though still remaining within the scope of solutions designed on a large scale.


The exhibition dedicated to the winning projects will commence on 3 June in Milan, at the new ADI Design Museum – Compasso d’oro. Thanks to the recognition achieved within the ADI Design Index, Velvet by Costan / Shape by Bonnet Névé will have the opportunity to participate in the Compasso d’Oro ADI, the oldest and most recognised world design award, and at the National Award for Innovation, sponsored by the Presidency of the Italian Republic.


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Epta is selected as one of Europe’s Climate Leaders 2021 within the scope of the study conducted by the Financial Times and by the analysis firm Statista, which also recently awarded the Gruppo Sustainability Leader 2021 in Italy. The classification of Europe’s Climate Leaders was set up to enhance European businesses that have made the greatest progress in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions between 2014 and 2019 compared to revenues and Epta was among the 10 Italian companies to have obtained the recognition.

4,000 independent companies based in Europe and with revenues above 40 million euro in 2019 were considered. The classification is determined by the compound annual reduction rate of emission intensity (scope 1 and 2).

The recognition as Europe Climate Leader confirms the solidity of the responsible development plan carried forward by the Group and described in its new Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The challenge welcomed by Epta in promoting environmental sustainability is found in every aspect of business life. Firstly, it involves the study and realisation of low impact HFC free products according to the principles of the Circular Economy that merge aesthetics, performance and respect for the environment, to contribute to reducing the emissions of Clients in the Retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and Food&Bev. sectors. Furthermore, the desire to achieve the highest standards is also carried forward inside the production sites, as shown by the constant introduction of technological improvements to lower the KOE (Kilogrammes of Oil Equivalent)/product and by the photovoltaic systems recently installed at the site of Solesino and Casale Monferrato in Northern Italy.

Finally, Epta is committed to promoting virtuous initiatives, such as the three-year project LIFE C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, co-financed by the European Union or the recent agreement with Air France-KLM in favour of the development of biofuel for air transport, with the goal of lowering CO2 emissions.

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In the current climate in which Social Responsibility is increasingly at the heart of business strategy, Epta and Air France-KLM sign an agreement in favour of the development of biofuel for air transport. An agreement, among the first in Europe, with which Epta supports the Corporate Biofuel Program of the French-Dutch group.

The initiative involves the research and development of biofuel to reduce CO₂ emissions and promote an awareness-raising campaign aimed at all economic players towards the need for a green transition. The agreement falls within the SAF program (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) launched by Air France-KLM to propose to companies to carry out an active role in the future of sustainable travel.

Epta, after having estimated the CO₂ emissions associated to the travel of its employees, can determine the annual contribution it wishes to make to the project.

“The production of sustainable fuels for aviation is very important to achieve the goals of reducing CO₂ in our sector. Air France-KLM is not the only one to want to make their operations more sustainable and companies like Epta demonstrate this. Thanks to this agreement we will be able to achieve our goals much more quickly, stimulating the availability of fuel for sustainable aviation on a large scale making the price more competitive compared to fossil fuel” states Stefan Vanovermeir, General Manager of Air France-KLM East Mediterranean.

Mariaserena Nocivelli, Member of the Management Board of Epta, at the signing of the agreement, on 18 May declares: “We are proud to join the Corporate Biofuel Program of Air France-KLM. The initiative is perfectly in line with our responsible development plan. Sustainability and attention to the environment are key aspects of Gruppo Epta’s strategy, which are expressed in every aspect of business life:

from the commitment to developing low impact products realised according to the principles of the Circular Economy, to investments to make our plants “green factories”, to the promotion of virtuous initiatives, such as the partnership with Air France-KLM. We hope that the enthusiasm we have shown for this initiative is contagious: the future of our planet depends on the ability of businesses to work together and pursue the UN Sustainable Development Goals, for a sustainability that is economic, social and environmental”.


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Epta at Host 2021


Epta participates in the 42nd edition of Host, one of the leading world fairs dedicated to catering and hospitality, reference point for out-of-home professionals.

To restart, the Horeca world will meet “live” in fiermilano, from 22 to 26 October 2021, at HostMilano, the global equipment hub able to bring together the most important Italian and international companies. TUTTOFOOD, the trade fair benchmark of the agrofood ecosystem, is scheduled at the same time. It always acts as a trendsetter for the entire sector, multiplying business opportunities and anticipating latest trends.

Host will be a prominent showcase for Epta, to present the latest novelties of the Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp brands.

Discover more: https://host.fieramilano.it/

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Epta is partner of the Commercial Excellence Lab (CEL) of SDA Bocconi, the Management School of Bocconi University. Born from the collaboration between the academic world and businesses, CEL is the first and only Italian knowledge lab dedicated to commercial excellence.

Given the increasing strategic role taken on by the sales functions in organisations, CEL sets itself the goal of promoting research and the continuous development of the commercial skills necessary to empower the results of company employees, generating positive effects on the business. Further targets are to improve the professionalization of the sales world, the reputation of the roles in this area and increase the attractiveness of the Company for young talents and managers, positioning it as best place to work in a commercial environment.

CEL proposes a wide range of activities to generate and share knowledge. These include applied research, on an annual basis, dedicated to frontier themes in sales, to respond to the tangible needs of companies. The focus of this year is “Mastering the new normal in Sales Organizations” with reference to Remote Selling and the study of four main macro-themes: Empowerment, Enablement, Enactment and Engagement of sellers. The spread of the analysis results contributes to the diffusion of a culture of excellence and professionalism in the commercial processes and structures. Furthermore, this initiative, combined with numerous events, round tables, workshops and webinars organised, contribute to defining performance drivers, models of skills and the sharing of best-practice and stimuli for improvement.


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Epta is among the “Leaders of sustainability” 2021, an initiative launched by Sole 24 Ore the major Italian economic and financial newspaper and the analytics company Statista to reward Italian companies that distinguish themselves for a development strategy based on respect for the environment and attention to the social dimension.

About 1,200 companies operating in Italy were identified, belonging to those with the highest turnover in the country or listed on the Milan Stock exchange. The analyses are based on the examination of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report and of the Annual Financial Report. 35 indicators were taken into account related to three dimensions of sustainability: environmental (waste, GHG emissions, energy and water consumption), social (respect for diversities and equal opportunities, selection and fair treatment of employees, social projects), economic (economic data, accountability and transparency of results, with special reference to governance, innovation and financial stability).

The recognition as “Leader of sustainability” is a further confirmation of the orientation of the Group towards the affirmation of the Circular Economy and the creation of shared value. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of company life, as shown by the criteria adopted by Epta for its CSR Report, which reflects some of the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) proposed by the UNO and with which the Company highlights a natural convergence, such as, for example, Consumption and Responsible Production, clean and accessible Energy, Fight against Climate change, Dignified Work & Economic Growth and Quality Education.



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The Board of Directors of Epta S.p.A. – a multinational group specialising in commercial refrigeration – has met under the Chairmanship of Marco Nocivelli to approve the consolidated financial statement of the Company as at 31 December 2020. The financial statement was drafted in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) drafted by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), as ratified by the European Union.


Revenue from sales and services for the business year totalled €908 million in 2020, down 5% on the previous year, a drop which was mainly concentrated during Q2. The main causes include the Europe-wide lockdown for manufacturing businesses and, during the same period, the deferral of investments in new Retail stores and refurbishments. The second quarter, on the other hand, saw business recover in full, notching up turnover in line with forecasted figures. The figures by geographical area are as follows: €714 million in the EMEA macro area, €56 million in the APAC area, and €138 million in the AMERICAS.

The Group’s net income for the financial year totalled 19 million.

The Net Financial Position was 81 million, with an improvement on 2019.

2020 closed with Net Assets of €313 million, up on the previous year’s figures.


Epta is pursuing a strategy to further reduce impacts on the planet’s resources in keeping with Circular Economy principles. Its aim is to achieve a future founded on economic, social and environmental sustainability. The Group’s development Plan includes dimensional growth along both internal and external lines, with a view to accomplishing ever-higher standards in financial performance and efficiency.

In 2020, it made consolidated investments of 25.2 million Euro in product innovation and modernising its production premises.

Over the course of the year Epta expedited the introduction of new solutions; in February 2020 it presented over 50 launches at Euroshop, the sector’s largest trade fair worldwide. Implementation in the Food&Beverage segment has chiefly focused on introducing IoT technologies, whilst Retail has focused on developing ranges for Discount stores, medium and small formats, as well as systems designed specifically for the US market. In addition, in a bid to meet emerging consumer needs and offer Retailers the broadest possible support, the Group has boosted its range of #EPTABricks refrigerated lockers to pick up shopping ordered online (fresh produce, frozen and room-temperature products) 24h a day. It has also been working alongside FrescoFrigo as industrial partner in a joint venture to create micro-supermarkets for condos which can be accessed round the clock, using its Iarp-branded refrigerated cabinets.

2020 also saw work on the Group’s premises. First and foremost this involved restructuring the way work is organised, bringing working premises into line with the safety regulations currently in force. But it also saw the inauguration of new production lines and the adoption of state-of-the-art systems which will reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, Epta has also been promoting agile and Smart Working.

Last but not least, as part of an agreement with the Development Authority of the city of Columbus GA in the USA, Epta has announced an investment plan upwards of 26 million dollars for the premises of its subsidiary company, Epta Kysor Warren US. This will allow it to create over 200 jobs by 2022, expand the product portfolio and enhance customer service.

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta S.p.A. said: “The health and safety of our staff, creating value for stakeholders and business continuity were our priorities in 2020. In a year which proved challenging for everyone, we demonstrated that ours is a strong team thanks to the contribution of people, the driving force behind the Epta Group. The company has transformed itself and adapted, proving that it is a resilient company in a resilient business. We reacted promptly and provided a rapid response to market needs, focusing on innovation, sustainability and proximity. In spite of the exceptional circumstances at this juncture, Epta has opted to continue pursuing its investment plan, allocating 25.2 million Euro to R&D whilst upgrading its production premises. It is tangible proof of continuity, and one which fosters confidence in local communities. We have also promoted a number of charity initiatives in the areas where we operate, highlighting the importance of giving back to local areas.” He continued: “2020 gave us the opportunity to integrate and consolidate the five companies purchased in 2019 in Romania, the USA and Mexico, New Caledonia and Poland. This strategy will allow us to further expand our range of action, strengthen market shares in key areas, offer the very latest technologies, and assist clients directly.” He concluded: “Given our efforts, I think we can look to the future with heightened awareness whilst ensuring we are totally dedicated to the process of incorporating ESG criteria in our business.”


The start of 2020 saw the start of the pandemic, which is still underway. It has had a marked effect on economic, political and social life worldwide. In 2020, there was a 4% fall in GDP worldwide on the previous year’s figures. The impact was felt most in the Euro area, UK and Latin America, with gross domestic product falling by 8%. In the USA, the average value was -4% whilst Asia Pacific saw a downturn of -2%. The closures seen across the board had different knock-on effects in the sectors Epta operates in. Whilst Food&Beverage, which is linked to Ho.Re.Ca. trade, saw one of the largest downturns in recent decades, Large Scale Retail was one of the least-affected areas.

2020 saw profound changes to shopping habits, dictated by restrictions which resulted in meals being eaten almost exclusively at home. This in turn translated into a sociological evolution in the way people buy goods, and rapid acceleration of existing trends. In Europe, for example, the expansion of the omnichannel strategy, growth of Click & Collect, a return to neighbourhood shops and the success of Discount stores were all significant. The APAC area is increasingly witnessing a marked shift towards small-size formats in urban areas, whilst the USA has seen further consolidation of the e-commerce phenomenon.

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On the 51st Earth day, launched by the United Nations, Epta confirms its commitment and renews its collaboration with Treedom, the first web platform to plant a tree at a distance and follow its growth.

The partnership with Treedom was launched in 2018 to support the reforestation of an area in Veneto hit by the Vaia Storm, a violent cyclone that damaged 100,000 hectares and felled millions of trees, putting at risk the environmental balance and the hydrogeological stability of the area. The first Epta business forest, of 100 trees, was planted to highlight the closeness of the Group to an area where it has been historically present with its Costan and Eurocryor brands and the production sites of Limana, in the province of Belluno and Solesino, in the province of Padua.

Today, the partnership with Treedom is renewed to highlight how growth in Epta is increasingly oriented at delivering benefits that include the environment and society. For this reason, the Group will encourage the planting and care of 1500 fruit trees in Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Kenya and Tanzania. This three-year plan will increase the carbon neutrality of the Company, restore biodiversity and contribute to combating climate changes. The trees planted to date have absorbed up to 126,000 kg of CO². The programme will also have a strong social value, thanks to the training and financing of local communities. The trees and their fruits are the property of the farmers, who can supplement their income and, in some cases, start micro-entrepreneurship activities. A virtuous initiative, in line with the goals of sustainable development established by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, to protect the planet and guarantee prosperity for all.

To involve all employees directly and make them feel part of the project, Epta will donate a tree to all new hires and to employees who will retire, who will be able to follow its growth. Each Treedom tree is geo-located, photographed and has its own online page updated regularly. Collaborators can also contribute by planting a tree that will enrich the “Epta forest”.

Have a look at #EptaPeople Forest!


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