Epta joins the CSR Manager Network


Epta joins the CSR Manager Network this year, as further confirmation of its sustainable growth project and its commitment to territorial protection and the promotion of initiatives in favour of the community and inclusion.

The association was set up in 2006 to bring together Italian professionals who are dedicated to the management of social and environmental issues in Companies and Organisations. It also represents the Italian arm of an international network of similar consortia. It is partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), of the Global Network and a member of the European Association of Sustainability Professionals (EASP).

Thanks to the openness to international communities, the CSR Manager Network stimulates the sharing of expertise, approaches, standards and best-practice. The aim is to bring together reciprocal experiences, in favour of affirming sustainability as a key element for responsible business development, future-proof. Finally, the CSR Manager Network constitutes a body for representation and dialogue with the political world, business associations, unions and NGOs. It also participates in national and international debates to enhance the culture of sustainability and improve the competitiveness of businesses, contributing to real social progress.

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Performance and reliability: Epta bestowed with the Budgetary Performance High Honour of the Industria Felix Award


Epta was rewarded today as one of the best entrepreneurial companies of Lombardy for managerial performance and financial reliability, during the second “virtual” leg of the 2021 tour of Industria FelixL’Italia che compete.

The Award, as indicated by the Latin adjective, acknowledges “the inventiveness, zeal and determination” of Companies that contribute, thanks to the quality of management, to social well-being and economic progress in Italy. The initiative, organised by the homonymous quarterly magazine supplement of Il Sole 24 Ore, the main Italian economic-financial daily, is realised in association with prestigious international partners.

Epta, following an assessment of the key budget parameters, followed by an analysis by the scientific committee of economists, entrepreneurs and managers, has been declared one of the best companies with an international vocation for managerial performance and financial reliability by Cerved, with legal headquarters in the region of Lombardy.

“Companies are the true driver behind the restart” declares Marco Nocivelli, President and Chief Executive of Gruppo Epta, who continues, “To have received the Budgetary Performance High Honour of the Industria Felix Award fills us with pride. This new milestone is a further stimulus to improve and look to the future with confidence, enhancing the work of all the employees of the Group, to whom go my heartfelt thanks. Their commitment and dedication are crucial to continue to grow on the international scene, in full respect of the founding values of Epta, merging tradition, technological innovation and protection of the environment, to prepare for the future and promote the affirmation of the Circular Economy.”

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Epta strengthens the programme of interventions to reduce the carbon footprint of its factories with a photovoltaic system in Casale Monferrato. This important operation has a twofold objective: to carry out an active role in achieving the challenging targets of the Green Deal and to affirm its close relationship to the community.

The proposal under discussion in Brussels to progress to a climatically neutral economy is, in fact, to lower the greenhouse gas emissions to at least 55% by 2030 compared to the levels of 1990, also promoting actions to increase the energy efficiency and use of renewable sources, such as the adoption of solar energy.

The new photovoltaic system has been in operation since January and generates about 960,000 kWh/year, equal to approximately 25% of the total requirement of the sites of Via Motta and Via Grandi. A long-term investment that becomes the symbol of the will of the Company to grow in the area of Casale and generate local benefits.

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Epta has always been active in promoting sustainable development and, to achieve the highest standards, it is constantly committed to increasing the environmental and energy performance of its production sites, merging protection of the resources and reduction of energy consumption for the units produced. A virtuous process that is renewed with the recently obtained ISO 50001 certification for the plants of Limana and Solesino in Veneto, Northern Italy, in line with the numerous activities defined by the Company to respond with tangible actions to the Climate and Energy Framework 2030 of the European Union. Furthermore, the criteria underlying the certification reflect the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) proposed by the UN, namely clean and accessible Energy and Battle against Climate Change, with which the Company has shown a natural convergence. 

The certification, already obtained in 2016 by the site of Hendaye in France, specifies    the requirements to create, start, maintain and improve an Energy Management System (EMS). Following the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle, it defines a systematic approach for long-term continuous improvement. The goal of Epta is to facilitate the optimization of the performance of its sites, assessing at the same time the energy efficiency and the use of energy along the entire value chain. Furthermore, alignment of the ISO 50001 with the structure of the other standards, such as ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for the Environment and ISO 45001 for Safety, facilitates the implementation of the Integrated Certification System pursued by the Group.

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Five years alongside FAI: Epta continues its commitment to the enhancement of Italian heritage


Epta renews its commitment to FAI – Italian Environment Fund, to confirm the Company’s attention to the territory, community and artistic and landscape heritage.

This project is deeply rooted in sharing the importance of making cultural assets accessible, to promote the knowledge of the “beautiful” and raise awareness at a collective level to the respect and enhancement of the environment. These principles are also dear to Luigi Nocivelli, who has been co-operating with FAI at length. The Group became Corporate Golden Donor of FAI in 2015 to pay tribute to its Founder. A solid collaboration that has evolved over the years and has seen the Company and the Nocivelli Family protagonists of interesting initiatives. Among these stand out the restoration of the facades of the Abbey of San Fruttuoso in the bay between Camogli and Portofino (in Northwest Italy) and adherence, recently re-confirmed, to the new plan to support and enhance Villa dei Vescovi, early 16th century palace nestled among the Euganean Hills, in Veneto (in Northeast Italy) where in recent years an antique ice-house was discovered and brought to light. This collaboration stems from the desire to strengthen the connection with the area where the Group is historically present with its production sites of Limana in the province of Belluno and Solesino in the province of Padua.

“For family-owned companies it is important to do business in the places where the entrepreneurial challenge arose and where the values that anchor them to the community are stronger. At a time like this, it is even more important to take action to contribute in a concrete way to the protection of the Italian heritage. Driven by my father’s example, we commit ourselves alongside FAI, as a company and as a family, to promote the Italian cultural heritage and pass it on to the future generations,” declares Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group.

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On 1 March 2021, the Ecodesign (2019/2024) and Energy Labelling (2019/2018) Regulations will come into force for all products entered by the European Commission into Lot 12: commercial refrigeration equipment to display and sell fresh and frozen products in the sector of Large-scale retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and Food&Beverage.

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling are two twin regulations that work together to achieve the same goal, according to a push-pull logic. Ecodesign, in fact, sets the minimum efficiency requirements for the products that will be put on the market. It will act as a “filter” that will help to eliminate the less sustainable solutions. Energy Labelling provides the introduction of a sticker that shows annual consumption, the energy class of each chilled cabinet and further information useful to the Retailers and to the specifiers of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector to make an informed choice. Consequently, both regulations are indirectly intended to promote innovation and competitiveness among manufacturers to reduce the consumption and environmental impact of refrigerated equipment, increasing the performance of the solutions” declares Francesco Mastrapasqua, Institutional Affairs Manager of Epta.

Thanks to Energy Labelling and to the Database of the European Commission EPREL, the EU Product Database for Energy Labelling, Customers can compare apparently identical equipment with different levels of performance to make the best choice. In the initial scenario, it is envisaged that classes A and B are empty, due to the low levels of consumption set, to steer the market towards the steady increase in the average efficiency of the systems. Therefore, it is important to clarify that, unlike other categories where the energy labelling has been in force for several years, to purchase a chilled cabinet in class C in 2021 will mean having chosen a best-in-class product.

To offer its Customers an effective tool to implement the new regulations correctly, Epta has taken part in the workgroup that has drafted the “Guide to the Interpretation of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations” by Eurovent. This document provides a set of rules and instructions that fill the gap between the obligations and the requirements of the regulations and the numerous variations of chilled cabinets available. The report will be shared during the webinar on 26 January, which will include Epta’s Francesco Mastrapasqua among the speakers.


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The Epta Group is proud to celebrate thirty years of collaboration with FREDDO S.A., one of the largest distributors in the commercial refrigeration sector in Greece and Cyprus. The partnership goes back to 1990, when the CEO of FREDDO Mr. George Lionis, signed the agreement for the distribution of Costan brand in Greece.

Passion, far-sightedness, reliability: these are the pillars underlying the cooperation between FREDDO and the Epta Group. The two companies share the will to strive for excellence, offer cutting-edge technologies and the best support to its Customers, promoting turnkey projects and the diffusion of solutions that merge design, performance and sustainability.

A history of success and significant achievements. In 2010, Epta and FREDDO produced the first CO2 subcritical system in Greece and in 2016, together, they signed the first CO2 transcritical installation in Athens. Innovation is ongoing and, in 2019, they introduced the patented system FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency in five stores of the AB Vasilopoulos, Diamantis Masoutis and Sklavenitis Group chains.

 “In these first thirty years, we have achieved important results thanks to the close cooperation between our teams. Being able to rely on a team of 70 collaborators, Freddo is able to offer a complete range of products and services and follow the entire process, from the supply to the installation and technical support”, states Massimo Marcer, General Manager of Epta International, who continues: “We are delighted to celebrate thirty years together. We are sure that our partnership will be further strengthened under the guidance of Nikolas Lionis, son of the founder and current Operations Director of FREDDO”. He concludes: “Building on the technical expertise of FREDDO and on the cutting-edge technology of Costan solutions, we are ready to meet the challenges of a market which is increasingly competitive, promoting a green revolution”.

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In a scenario in which Operators are called to respect increasingly higher hygiene standards and in which greater attention is given to safety and sustainability issues, EptaService, the Epta brand dedicated to after-sales assistance and consulting, is ever closer to its Clients in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector and widens its offer with new programmes for the hygienisation and reconditioning of chilled cabinets by Iarp. This service extends to all equipment inside the premises, such as ovens, brioche holders and slush machines.

Hygienisation involves deep cleaning to eliminate 99% of bacteria, mould and yeast. The use of 160° steam dissolves the greasy component of dirt and exerts a microbiological action that removes microorganisms. For superior disinfection, a biocide registered as Medical-Surgical Aid is used.

Reconditioning, on the other hand, involves the mechanical and structural control of the equipment and, where necessary, the insertion of spare parts. It also includes a check-up to optimise the performance of the solutions and reduce consumption. The EptaService Team also refurbishes cabinets and reprints any customisations.

To best respond to the different needs of the Clients, EptaService proposes three packages. Silver is dedicated to beverages and to packaged products for which a first level of cleaning and hygienisation is sufficient. Gold is recommended for ice cream cabinets, ovens and slush machines and combines full cleaning and hygienisation with aesthetic and functional renewal, included also in the Platinum solution, which is recommended for the top-level cleaning of machinery in direct contact with foods, such as cabinets for creamed ice cream and fresh foods.

To guarantee a complete turnkey service, the cabinets return to the shop after they have been tested by the EptaService team, who issues descriptive sheets of all interventions carried out, and are immediately ready for use.

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Improve efficiency, reduce consumption and protect resources, in compliance with the principles of the Circular Economy, is a priority objective for the Epta Group. The recent technological investments to install a cutting-edge photovoltaic system at the production site of Solesino (PD), historic headquarters of the Eurocryor brand, are tangible evidence of the company’s desire to achieve the highest standards of excellence, eliminating waste. This initiative is part of a larger project that the Group is conducting with the introduction of technologies and sharing of best practice among all factories.

Thanks to 208 kW power, the energy produced by the solar panels installed will provide 35% of total site requirement, reducing CO2 emissions by 140 t/year. Electricity is supplied by renewable sources following several important projects to reduce the carbon footprint in 2019, such as the replacement of halogen lamps with latest-generation LED and of traditional boilers with new condensation models. Finally, to confirm the commitment of the Company in promoting the protection of the territory and sustainable growth, the introduction of a fleet of electrical vehicles is expected for business mobility and charging stations in the car park for electric or hybrid cars.

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Kysor Warren Epta US announces an investment plan of more than 27 million dollars and the added opportunity to generate more than 200 jobs by 2023. An ambitious programme destined to strengthen operations at the Columbus site in Georgia, optimise customer service, expand the range of products and implement cutting-edge solutions.  A new training centre is also planned for installers, contractors and service technicians dedicated to natural and sustainable refrigeration.

“The Epta Group is present in over 80 countries worldwide” says Marco Nocivelli, President and CEO of Epta, and continues, “We believe that the strong connection with local communities and the proactive collaboration with institutions are the solid foundations on which to build a successful business. This investment plan promises to be a valid tool for the development of technologically advanced systems that will have a low environmental impact within the United States”.

Following entry into the Epta Group, Kysor Warren has greatly enriched its portfolio, which now includes the range of propane and FTE Full Tanscritical Efficiency integrated group cabinets – a simple and reliable solution which guarantees 10% energy saving in any climate area. Furthermore, Kysor Warren has opened a new plant of over 32.500 m2 in the Corporate Ridge Business Park (Georgia) which will become the new North-American headquarters of the Group.

I am very satisfied with the plans for the future and proud of the recognition by the Group of local talents, fundamental resources to achieve our goals”, claims Damon Wyatt, Vice President and General Manager of Kysor Warren Epta US. “The area of Columbus is a strategic area for the presence of highly qualified personnel able to promote the spread of sustainable technologies in North America”.

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