iMeat 2015: innovation in the butcher's shop with Eurocryor, Costan and Misa


From March 15th through 16th, Epta, with its brands Eurocryor, Costan and Misa, will hold a leading role at iMeat. This event, dedicated to the key players in the meat industry, is once again an opportunity to develop the growing importance of the butcher's shop and especially of the butcher, who is increasingly regarded as the professional who guarantees the origin and qualitty of food.

With the aim of maximizing the sale of these highly profitable and highly perishable foods, Eurocryor will present the Dynamic System. This innovative technology makes it possible to capture the consumer's attention with very unique displays that highlight the freshness and quality of the cuts so skillfully prepared by the masters of the craft. The central advantage provided by this system is superior food preservation. Dynamic system makes it possible to keep meat in the cabinet for several days without the need to move to a cold room overnight and with no loss of the products organoleptic and aesthetic qualities

Visual aspects are the first driver leading the consumer to purchase: for this reason Costan will be presenting GranVista at the event. This revolutionary total-glass multideck with full height doors and led lighting offers the perfect visibility of products needed to guide the consumer to his/her purchase.

This two-day event will also be an important showcase for Misa. Always synonymous with top hygiene and excellent product preservation, Misa will be there with one of its mini cold rooms.