Luigi Nocivelli: founder of Epta Group

The origins of the Epta Group are intertwined with the inspiration and entrepreneurial skills of its founder, Luigi Nocivelli. An individual reminiscent of renaissance man, his interests ranged from mechanics to art, from industry to agriculture, and from architecture to literature. 
His career got underway straight after the Second World War when he went to work in his father’s workshop, which he later went on to turn into a leading electrical appliance industry named Ocean. He became the CEO of Ercole Marelli in the Seventies, where he nurtured a dream of relaunching Italy’s electromechanical industry. He later became the prime mover behind a twenty-year success story, creating a fully-fledged electrical appliance empire. In the new millennium he founded Epta, making the symbolic value of his family of seven children the cornerstone of this endeavour. He is the first Chairman and Sergio Chiostri, friend and counsellor is the CEO.

It was a long journey, and one that began in a small town in the plains around Brescia. He liked to think of himself as “favored by life”; a man who would come up with an idea and then put it into practice. He imagined his own future and then set about making it come true. With Luigi Nocivelli at the helm, Epta became a multinational specialising in commercial refrigeration, thanks to strategic buyouts of leading Italian and foreign brands in their respective market segments. Today the baton has been passed on to Marco Nocivelli, of the family’s second generation. He continues to guide Epta in keeping with the example and teachings of its Founder. The values order, humility, delegation, resilience and the ability to let others lead which he managed to transmit have ensured that the Epta Group is a building which rests on sound foundations, and is set to continue to grow.

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