Corporate Governance Overview

At Epta our mission and values are the foundation of everything we do – this includes Corporate Governance.

Our governance consists of policies and practices that protect the well-being of Epta and demonstrate how seriously we take corporate governance.



What we say, what we do, the products we make, the services we provide and the way we act define us as a multinational company. We only want to do what’s right to always be reliable. As a global leader, this is the only way to do business.


Governance, commitments and engagement

The diagram below indicates the flow of communication of the Top management of Epta to the Board of Directors (incl. indication of Male/Female inclusion). It denotes the input directly from the workforce via work councils and HR, the selection route for new/potential shareholders and the listing of current stakeholders.


Epta Governance


A foundation of integrity

Epta has a strong history of operating with integrity throughout the company, at all levels, in all countries, both internally and externally.

It started with our founder, Mr. Luigi Nocivelli, which values order, humility, delegation, resilience and the ability to let others lead which he managed to transmit have ensured that the Epta Group is a building which rests on sound foundations, and is set to continue to grow.


Epta group policy