Epta has partnered up with Federazione Anima and contributed its display solutions to the set-up of the #FoodPeople exhibition, to be opened on April 22nd at Milan's Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum. This initiative is in unison with the themes of Expo 2015 and aims to explore the development of the agri-food industry, as well as the scientific and technological innovations experienced in the past 150 years.

The value of Epta's participation in the project # FoodPeople encompasses all of its significances, as it means to create a trait d’union between the refrigeration solutions of the past and more recent developments, in order to accompany the visitor in a virtual journey through the exhibition. In the area named "A tavola", a Costan refrigerated cabinet from the early '50s has actually been installed, which was donated by the Nocivelli Family to the Institution. On the other hand, the "Dentro l'Industria" section hosts the innovative EptaBlue Waterloop system.  These symbols of two different eras will enable the public to grasp the momentous social impact that this technology had back in the day and still has today, technology that has made it possible to preserve food for days, revolutionising the daily life of consumers and shopkeepers alike.

Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director of the Epta Group as well as Deputy Chairman of Federazione Anima for Financial Relations declares in this respect: “We are proud of our contribution to this interesting exhibition, which provides valuable insight into the important role that science and technology had in guaranteeing food authenticity, freshness and safety while fully respecting the environment”. "This is an astonishing, enthralling and amusing exhibit because of the topics covered, the simple language used, the images, animations and interactive games presented, which make the themes dealt with accessible to the general public. In this context our solutions become both the starting and finish point of a very exclusive "behind the scenes" experience focused on the exploration of the cold chain.”