#EPTAEXPERIENCE IS THE WAY… FOR A NEW SHOPPING FEELING! Epta strategy for Commercial Refrigeration


The ongoing digital revolution is having a profound effect on all sectors of the economy, with significant implications for Companies in the Large Scale Retail, Ho.re.ca and Food&Beverage sectors. To continue to grow and remain competitive, retailers have to develop new business models and approaches to consumers, who are increasingly hyper-connected and in search of interactive and multi-sensory shopping experiences.

This new situation offers significant opportunities for the Epta Group and during Euroshop Epta will be presenting its new strategy: “#EptaExperience is the way”. This concept accurately interprets the Company’s mission - “Proud to contribute to the success of our customer's sales outlet. Simple, safe and appealing purchases” - and its will to contribute to the success of its Customers, by transforming retail stores from Points of Sale into Points of Experience.

An experience on three levels: Our Experience, Your Experience and Their Experience, to create a synergistic connection between the emotional and informative function of the environment, product communication and Retailer’s identity.