Your #Storevolution: the Epta System
Epta strategy for Commercial Refrigeration


Attractive, flexible, technological and sustainable: to experience the stores in their most evolved version, The Epta System is the answer. It is a winning combination of products, services, technologies, ideas and people who transform the Stores into an authentic destination for consumers. Epta’s goal is to support the Retailers to accompany them in their #storevolution (evolution/revolution) with aesthetically attractive set-ups, realised with refrigerated furnishings that give dynamism and vitality to every layout, guaranteeing best performance and reduced carbon footprint in line with the most stringent regulations of the sector.

Retailers also focus on maximum process efficiency and service continuity: for this reason, Epta offers all-encompassing services of assistance and after-sales advice and telemonitoring programmes to increase the business value of Clients: monitor parameters remotely, ensure predictive diagnostics and timely interventions is synonymous with reliability and minimum consumption.

Finally, the change of paradigm is also represented in new technologies which contribute to lowering emissions through natural refrigeration.