Respect for the environment, flavours, tradition and innovation: Epta is co-operating with the Expo 2015 Thai Pavilion in setting up the exhibit. The importance of food is matched by correct display and preservation: this responsible attitude is expressed in the layout of the Food for the Future, which is perfectly in tune with Epta's concept. “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, which ensures a masterly presentation of product, superlative food freshness and safety while enhancing food value by the installation of cutting-edge technological solutions. Specifically, Iarp EIS 42 chiller cabinets and EIS 45 freezers will be installed, which are ideal to display beverages and the ready-to-eat typical Thai dishes.

In line with the Universal Exposition's claim, the theme developed in the Thai exhibition area,  “Nourishing and Delighting the World in a sustainable way” will walk visitors through discovery of the flavours and ancient culture of Thailand, with its deeply rooted devotion to nature and the environment. Thai cuisine and agriculture are actually the two elements selected to represent the deepest identity of this guest country, as reflected in the architectural style of the Pavilion, which echoes the typical hat worn by Thai rice farmers, the ngob, and the winding lines of the naga, the fertility snake-men deities.
Piero Triglio Godino – IARP's Chairman and Managing Director says in this respect: “This partnership was created thanks to Iarp's office in Cha-Am, Thailand, which makes us particularly proud. Indeed, Iarp's solutions celebrate the contemporary Thai lifestyle and its deep roots by promoting street food culture. This makes it possible to taste superb quality food, prepared according to tradition and preserved in keeping with the most stringent food safety standards.”