Epta collaborates with Masterchef: Epta’s Costan, Eurocryor and Misa brands in the cooking talent show spotlight


Costan, Eurocryor and Misa hold a leading role in the fourth season of MasterChef Italia. This strategic partnership combines technological and culinary excellence, to support the quality of the dishes created by the aspiring chefs.       

This show is all about creating cooking masterpieces using recipes that only the most expert cooks can tackle, now sustained by the best food preservation solutions offered by Costan, Eurocryor and Misa.

Costan, always synonymous with top quality and efficient solutions, is a real star just like the chefs, because of its numerous certifications, especially Eurovent.  
Style, design and display versatility are, on the other hand, features that single out Eurocryor and its range of serve-over refrigerated counters. These are modern and stylish cabinets incorporating innovative technology.
In turn Misa guarantees the quality of ingredients while preserving their organoleptic properties, therefore not only the aesthetics of form but also perfect efficiency. A star in the HoReCa business, Misa specialises in the production of commercial cold rooms and has earned a reputation synonymous with food safety.

“This partnership with MasterChef Italia makes us even prouder of our solutions. Highest quality and display elegance are for us essential assets, factors that rank us among the most important actors in Commercial Refrigeration for the Retail and Ho.re.Ca industries worldwide. Excellence in excellence: this is what true technology is about, to serve the great Italian art of cooking”, in the words of William Pagani, International Sales & Marketing Director at Epta.