Epta, with its Costan and Eurocryor brands, has fitted out the eighth  Conad Sapori & Dintorni sales point, opened at Milan Central Station on April 29th. With a total area of 663 m2 this is an ideal locaton to promote the best regional agri-food products, creating a meeting point for tourists and locals alike.

The chain's innovational reputation is clearly demonstarted by the store layout. Each section is labelled in two languages, Italian and English, and the number of products on display exceeds 3,500, with a majority of Lombard specialties and Dop, Doc and Igp-certified foods. In order to guarantee the highest food authenticity, freshness and safety, Costan and Eurocryor have developed a project with integrated technology and equipment enabling flawless presentation of specialties Made in Italy: from serve-over counters, within the Cheese & Sausages Section, to Eurocryor Panorama units for the display of hot and cold deli food, bread and pastry products, including closed multidecks for both fresh and frozen food as well as RossiniSV cabinets for ready to use, cut, cleaned and lightly processed vegetables (the so called fourth and fifth range). This complete system enhances an exclusive format, proposed by Sapori & Dintorni in the name of sustainability and efficiency. EPTABlue Waterloop stands out here, the revolutionary solution that cools the refrigerated cabinets using a closed water circuit.

To meet the consumers' need for variety, Sapori & Dintorni also features a Sushi Daily corner, jointly created by Epta and KellyDeli. Dedicated to the preparation and display of sushi, it brings together performance and spectacular display offering added value well beyond the ordinary shopping experience.

This is the Italian counterpart to fast food, a store that combines the advantages of the American model with the flavours of a neighbourhood market. The establishment offers customers the choice of hot food purchased from the Deli Department, the freshest sushi or the tastiest fruit salad, in a dedicated area with a wi-fi connection.