Epta has actively partnered up with Federazione Anima, who will be present at the Italian Pavilion of Expo2015 through Confindustria's Special Project (the Italian Industrialists' Federation). This partnership is developed through three important actions aimed at promoting the Italian industry world-wide.

In the first place, the Group has contributed to the set-up of FabFood, la fabbrica del gusto italiano (the Italian flavour factory), an exhibit devoted to sustainable industrial food curated by the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci of Milan, that Confindustria, the General Confederation of Italian Industry, will host at Expo 2015 in Palazzo Italia.

This ten-stage journey full of exciting games and activities will be a unique experience for visitors, who will be guided to discover, explore and experience every aspect of the agri-food chain. Sounds, colours and images will assist the guests in each area of the exhibition to reflect on the global challenges of food safety & security.

Moreover, Federazione Anima shares a communication space with Epta in their new website dedicated to the Universal Exposition. This prestigious showcase will enhance the Group's brand image through content and videos; among these, the interview with William Pagani, Group Marketing Director, stands out. In this video he introduces the company and spotlights the focus of “The Epta Way Up: preserving Food Value”, the concept underlying the innovations promoted by Epta.

Lastly, a videoclip was shot in co-operation with Rai (Radio Televisione Italiana), which illustrates the highlights of Italian technology. Through the Costan brand, Epta unfolds its leading role with the equipment installed at the Italmarkt stores of Brescia and Conad of Bagnolo Mella (Province of Brescia), among which the new GranVista cabinets of the RevUP Family are noteworthy. This video, translated into eight languages, may be viewed on Rai's web channel and social media throughout the entire length of the exposition.