Technology and design meet up in Keplero/Stylix


Innovative, elegant, versatile: Keplero/Stylix is the new refrigerated table just 4 cm thick.

Its simple transparent design allows sales points to recreate that typical local market look, in line with the sector’s latest trends.

An exclusive solution, with “ThinTech” patent, featuring the special characteristic of having all its mechanical parts compacted in the 45x45 cm tower, at the base of the cabinet.

The result of in-depth study of materials and aeraulics.

The main inspiration is therefore simplicity and maximum flexibility for a plug-in that makes it possible to create different shapes and sizes of islands in hypermarkets, delivering the same totally excellent performance.

Keplero comes in different versions: refrigerated, self-service and assisted service, for preserving meat, packaged fish, cold meats, delicatessen foods and dairy products, with a ceramic glass shelf for self-service restaurant dishes.