Record-breaking Host also for Eurocryor and Misa


The two top brands Misa and Eurocryor took part in the International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry, which closed on 25 October. This prestigious show stood not only for the world record of 623 espresso coffees served in one hour, but also for its big attendance figures. Of the 125,000 professional visitors, 34% came from 153 countries outside Italy.

Internationality and eco-friendliness were the buzz words for this edition. Respect for the environment was centre stage and a crucial factor for business. A survey carried out by Fiera Milano and the promoters of Host on a selection of Italian and international operators revealed that sustainability is no longer just a figment of our imagination: for 45% of respondents, being green means “zero impact” and for 30% it is important to “make a profit without wasting resources”.

The theme running through both the Eurocryor and Misa stands was Eptology with Passion & Technology for the former and Quality & Techology for the latter.

Passion such as the unusual feats of a contortionist on the Eurocryor stand, amazing visitors with her elegance and flexibility, on a par with the solutions delivered by this company. Quality perfectly expressed with the concept Save Food Bank for Misa, in other words a cabinet able to preserve food as “treasure”, confirming the natural evolution of this company, which for 40 years has produced cold rooms that guarantee excellent conservation of food products.

Watch the video interviews to find out about all the new ideas at the show