New frozen food covers for shopping within everyone’s reach


Costan and Bonnet Névé launch on the market, respectively, Tortuga 2 and Crocodile 2, Cosmo4ECO, Galaxie4ECO and Agora4ECO, frozen food covers of modern design, transparent for increasing ease of access to products. Innovative solutions that guarantee excellent visual impact and easy access to the products displayed, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. The increased size – no less than 1250mm – of the sliding modules reduces the number of vertical profiles, enhancing product visibility inside the tray.

The new look cover, in just one simple action, enables greater opening, both vertically and horizontally. Tortuga 2 and Cosmos4ECO have a push-lid system, so two-thirds can be open on both sides simultaneously, while a self-closing mechanism returns modules into place. What’s more, the handle can be pushed to slide the central glass panel to 100% opening, perfect for easy stocking. Crocodile 2, Agora4ECO and the end units are also extremely handy, with access to products on display for 75% of visible area.