More value to energy: Eptablue at the GDO and Retail Forum for Energy & Maintenance


Epta took part in the second edition of the GDO and Retail Forum – Energy & Maintenance, organised by IRI (International Research Institute) and held in Milan. Making the most of the store, between cost saving and high performance: this was the core topic of the conference, in which William Pagani, International Sales & Marketing Director at Epta and Alvise Case, Energy Manager at Costan, were lead figures.  

The meeting offered the opportunity to illustrate how refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems can be integrated. In this connection the innovative EptaBlue Waterloop technology was presented to a very interested audience. This dramatic solution, in line with F-Gas regulations, provides a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions and converts existing store cabinets from remote to plug-in using plug&play connections to a water loop system to create remarkable advantages: a 43% decrease in the refrigeration system’s TEWI and a 75% reduction in the refrigerant gas charge. EptaBlue became a key topic for this round table discussion and was also referenced in the presentations of other companies specialising in components compatible with this exclusive system.

Innovation and versatility in application: this is Epta’s recipe to support retailing success; offering high performance solutions and a 100% dependable remote management service to monitor all systems, improve their performance and create savings up to 20% on energy consumption.

A video of the event is available at: