Important milestone for Misa, who is awarded CE Marking


Misa has been awarded CE Marking by ITC (Construction Technologies Institute), Evaluation Report no. ETA 11/0201 for commercial cold rooms. This certification means that the company can offer a product with the following characteristics:

- Control of components and raw materials used

- Production process according to regulations

- Cold rooms do not emit substances dangerous to health, are easy to clean and do not encourage formation of condensation or dirt.

- Absolutely safe to use

- Energy saving and heat retention, thanks to the quality of insulating materials, so that heat dispersion is reduced to a minimum.

- Excellent resistance to chemical and external agents, remaining functional for a long time.

Francesco Micheletti, Misa’s managing director says: “We have worked extremely hard, carrying out a great number of lab tests, because of the complexity or our cold rooms and the materials they are made of. We are confident that the end result is a guarantee for our clients and will enable us to reinforce our market leadership.”