Over the next few weeks, the Limana and Solesino plants will see the start of an important initiative called Epta for safety, which aims to raise the awareness of personnel at Epta Group production sites regarding the main issues of safety at work and accident prevention.

The main inspiration for this initiative is Passion, the fourth Eptology value and evidence of the company’s attention to its most important resource: its employees.

The Epta for safety campaign, which a full-fledged addition to the initiatives already developed by the Costan S.p.A. safety office, including, among others, the recent Zero Accidents, sets the primary goals of spreading greater operator awareness regarding risks connected to work and subsequent verification of a greater culture of prevention.

The work team members are Federico Pedrazzi, Epta Marketing, project manager and Alberto Grandini, Costan Safety Manager, promoter of the initiative. They have organised the initiative into five phases:

1. Phase 1: Identification of “20 typical risks” divided into the macro areas below:

• process risks

• ergonomic risks

• physical risks

• mechanical risks

Phase 2: A photo shoot in the main divisions in the Limana plant with a view to identifying some of the most common activities carried out every day, which may, if not correctly and carefully carried out, prove to be a source of risk for operators.

Phase 3: A number of large publicity-type posters characterised by direct, recognisable, big-impact communication that goes beyond the boundaries of normal safety info. They will be installed in some of the factory divisions where the initiative is being promoted.

Phase 4: Integration of the campaign with the e-learning platform (www.eptalearningcenter.com), up and running since 2008 to provide training for all the Group’s companies, inside which has been inserted a specific safety course featuring video pills and teaching sheets. Those attending the course will receive a diploma on completion.

Phase 5: Development of support material to be positioned close to the main eating places and corners in the factory, aiming to optimise recognisability with operators and increase the points of contact for the initiative.

The first phase will start before the end of May at the Limana plants, followed by the Eurocryor factory in Solesino.

The initiative will then extend to the Group’s other plants throughout Italy.