Last week saw conclusion of the Epta Road Show, with its final appointment in Milan, after Limana, Hendaye, Bradford and Manheim. This has been an important Top Management initiative that aimed to share successes achieved so far and strategies for the future.

“Never settle for less than the best” – this is the motivational message put across by Sergio Chiostri to open the various meetings. A content-rich start, with the recent acquisition of Misa standing out in particular, evidence of the Group’s desire for continual growth and a greater market share thanks to continual improvement and greater corporate efficiency.

After a wide-ranging strategic introduction of competitiveness, Marco Novicelli explained the goals for the next few years, at the same time analysing the importance of the issue of sustainability and professional growth of human resources. Talks given by Daniele Marongiu, William Pagani and Luca Lastella were fundamental for illustrating the company’s strategic-commercial position on an international scale. Opening was announced of a new Epta International office in Budapest, which will have the remit of developing business in Eastern Europe.

Results from new markets of interest were also presented, which see strong growth in South America in general and, specifically, in Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and China. The latter will benefit from a turnkey service thanks to the crucial acquisition of VSD Engineering.

Marco Masini focused attention not only on eco-sustainability issues but also on the most up-to-date social and cultural trends (including the healthiness of food and ageing of the population), translating them into format for sales points and types of cabinets requested and explaining the strategic horizon of the company to 2015.

The event was a great opportunity for once again expressing thanks to all collaborators and gathering suggestions and constructive ideas from local businesses.