Born in 2011 as a Trading Company, Epta Internation Kft sets up new and efficient headquarters to host all of the Epta Group's activities directed to the International market. The company is based in Hungary, in the centre of Budapest and at the core of Eastern Europe. The company employs 64 people at its headquarters, who possess all the professional skills required in this connection.

Epta International's mission is to promote and market the many products and services offered by the Group brands (Costan, Bonnet Nevé, Eurocryor, IARP and Misa) in over 60 countries worldwide. The organisation comprises a Sales Structure and a Sales Administration Department, which oversee the entire order process, from offer selection to invoicing. Epta International's flagship is its Technical Department: this function develops System Design activities, including all related supply stages, from system design to the selection of the most efficient technology, from installation to after-sales service.

The products and services offered by Epta International are available in many geographic districts. Among others: Benelux, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Balkan Countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and the CSI Countries, Middle East, Africa.

In actual fact, the consulting strength of Epta International worldwide, whether dispensed to clients directly or through its subsidiaries, actually meets all market requirements exactly in terms of global solutions: the Project Management service makes available real and effective comprehensive support. The turnkey approach logic is the key to Epta International's success: the company caters for complete projects, for integrated commercial refrigeration systems.