+ CO2  plants and – Total Equivalent Warming Impactis the winning equation on which Epta has based design of its refrigeration system for the Green Store Stamata belonging to the Alfa Beta Vassilopoulus Group in Athens.

This is an exemplary installation, the first one of its kind in Greece, once again confirming Epta’s technological leadership on an international level.

Calculation of the total greenhouse gas effect of a machine or energy system throughout its useful life immediately shows that this system has lower values than traditional ones.

The system installed produces a TEWI index value of 730t, compared to the 1377t of a traditional R404A gas solution. Preliminary performance analysis gives important results: a 47% decrease in emissions with savings of 37% over its entire life cycle.

Epta is proud to announce that with this latest project, it has installed over 100  CO2  systems and thanks all its collaborators for having contributed to achievement of this important milestone.