In 1982, in the town of Rosario, Argentina, New Market S.A. was born, a small concern with a great vision.  that was going to grow and evolve steadily: especially from 1990, when it initiated a trading partnership with such an established and reliable player as Costan S.p.A., New Market aimed its growth at a stronger position in the National market and also at international expansion.

The company joined the Epta Group in 1997 and became Epta Argentina: an important step that empowered it with the strength of cutting edge technology, of production methods levering on the science of efficiency, of solutions tailored to every client requirement to offer the highest performance levels. In practical terms, the company is nowadays part of a group that specialises in commercial refrigeration and that has met the requirements of an International clientele for more than 100 years.

This has made it possible for Epta Argentina to hold a primary role in the refrigeration industry for the Latin American Market, with a 15.000 sq.m manufacturing site and a wide distribution network spanning all through Latin America.


Assurance that comes from certifications

The excellence of the Epta Group reflects on the standards of Epta Argentina, which is assured by high-profile certifications:  

TÜV ISO 9001– that endorses its quality control system

More information are availabe at the web site www.eptalatam.com