SkyShine Bonnet Névé, which enlarges the SkyEffect family, is a never seen before innovation: it is the first semivertical negative cabinet able to offer an unprecedented presentation of frozen products, highlighting their best features! Assuring excellent advantages:

• Places maximum emphasis on the presentation of the displayed products and ensures full visibility within the point of sale
• Allows uniform, elegant alignment with every product of the SkyEffect range
• It assures double the load capacity for the same installation space compared to an island display with tubs
• Presents a new configuration of the frozen foods area, able to offer a highly convenient shopping experience
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GranSesia.The new, revolutionary refrigerated display case of the Costan GranFit range that makes it possible to create semivertical islands in the frozen foods area, with unique benefits:
• Perfect, uniform, aesthetic alignment with all the products of the GranFit range
• Ideal merchandising and maximum visibility of the displayed products and of the other display cases in the point of sale
Double load capacity while occupying the same amount of floor space as a traditional frozen foods island
Innovative, functional configuration of the frozen foods area, for an easy, convenient shopping experience
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PrimoPiano Eurocryor

PrimoPiano Eurocryor

PrimoPiano: the new Eurocryor cabinets with a unique look that bring products closer to customers, increasing the perception of freshness. Experience the best Shopping Interaction!

Food as you have never seen it before: from now on, food freshness really is closer to the public eye, from every standpoint!
It is all thanks to PrimoPiano, the range of Eurocryor cabinets that are revolutionising how products are presented, with aesthetics and design that are completely new.
The structures are designed to interlock and ensure the cabinet is closer to customers, who can see the products from every angle, creating seamless interaction!
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#EPTABricks Experience

#EPTABricks Experience

# Connect Click Collect... with #EPTABricks Experience.
Online shopping has been incorporated into the #EPTABricks

360° #SHOPPING: this new multi-channel approach is Epta’s solution for an all-round purchasing service. Order via Web and collect whenever and wherever you want
EASY INTEGRATION: The system is linked to the retailer’s e-commerce
ALL COMBINATIONS: To preserve products at room temperature – #EPTAdryBricks – , fresh foods – #EPTAfreshBricks – or frozen foods – #EPTAfrozenBricks
TELEMANAGING H24: monitoring, management and remote statistical analysis
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IARP New Range

…when impulse buying makes you happy.

JOY, GLEE and DELIGHT, the innovative cabinets from the new Emotions range by Iarp - the plug-in specialist from the Epta Group are perfect for giving maximum visibility to the products on display and prompting consumers’ desire to make purchases!
Their modern style, featuring elegantly minimal forms, ensures fantastic display & Point Of Sale capability, and is highly suited for use in bars, pastry shops and specialist shops that have a contemporary and refined design.
And what a joy for Customers: these items of furniture encourage them to make purchases and are sure to make their shopping experience utterly delicious!

• Cutting-edge design, thanks also to the use of LED lighting, which is ideal for exclusive spaces
• Highest level of personalisation, that includes a highly evolved system for applying digital prints onto sheets of metal
• The system uses a natural refrigerant, thus reducing the frequency of maintenance interventions
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Innovative uniform display criteria that is reflected in a successful new shopping experience!

Linearity, uniformity, homogeneity! This is SKYEFFECT, the revolutionary formula from Bonnet Névé: a fully coordinated composition of its new refrigerated cabinets, to ensure a perfect merchandising and display design in all areas of your store. This family feeling was designed to guarantee a comfortable and engaging shopping experience for your customers.
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Perfection in terms of the ability to adapt and the ease of creating consistent displays is now available!... ready to offer the finest ever merchandising! GRANFIT is produced by Costan. These new refrigerated cabinets use a logical system which ensures an elegant and completely uniform appearance, designed to guarantee a comfortable, appealing and engaging shopping experience.

  • Optimal modular linearity for positive and negative temperature vertical and semi-vertical cabinets
  • New high impact display mix for novel merchandising solutions
  • Perfectly homogeneous design style
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#EptaExperience is the way for a new shopping feeling!

#EptaExperience is the way

Choose Epta as your refrigeration partner. Thanks to its evolved experience, the highest level of innovation of its customized solutions, shopping will give the clients of your store truly extraordinary and engaging sensations. Experience it at EuroShop 2017!

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Plugin Costan 2015


Benefit from Costan’s experience: here are three innovative ranges of display cabinets visually suited for impulse purchases! Their key design feature is an excellent and high level of product visibility which works in perfect harmony with the solidity and robustness of their construction.

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EptaBlue Waterloop 2015

EptaBlue Waterloop


Here is a winning solution for commercial refrigeration: EPTABlue, a totally green system!

EPTABlue Waterloop is an innovative eco-sustainable system that converts any refrigerated cabinet into a plug-in unit by connection to a closed water circuit.

High efficiency, thanks to a floating condensation and evaporation system that provides -20%* lower Energy consumption, +24%* higher cooling efficiency, 43%* lower global warming impact.
Total reliability, because it offers a water-based integral cabinet that is connected, set, tested and optimised before leaving the factory.
Expertise guaranteed, by the numerous plants installed worldwide that use EPTABlue for store refrigeration and heating, recovering the heat released by the cabinets.
Absolute versatility, because the entire range of refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms is available in an EPTABlue version, guaranteed for all climates.
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