Important numbers

Epta’s headquarters are in Milan and ensure widespread and efficient coverage of world markets through Group brands - which include Costan, Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor, Misa, Iarp and Kysor Warren – and through its staff of 6,000 employees. 

Current annual production is around 230,000 units, with revenues of 908 million Euros in 2020. The Group's systematic Research and Development activities, together with the skills and specialisation provided by each individual brand, allow Epta to anticipate the most modern and current trends in meeting retailer’s needs, helping the Client to achieve ever higher levels of excellence


A growth-centred mission

Epta's path is open to progress: a path that started in 1986 with the Limana Costan brand. Epta's 100% Italian identity lost no time in expanding its boundaries and became an international reality, with strategic sales offices in more than 40 countries and 11 production facilities:

In Limana, Solesino, Casale Monferrato and Pomezia, Italy; in Hendaye and Saint Quentin Fallavier, France; in Bradford, UK; in Columbus, USA; in Rosario, Argentina; in Corlu, Turkey; in Quingdao, China;  and Cha-Am, Thailand, covering more than 330.000 m2. A presence so widespread and competitive that Epta is able to offer products anywhere in the world. A vision that reaches emerging countries where the Group has already harvested a high level of interest.


In the name of eco-sustainability

In the last five yers Epta has invested in innovation more than 50 million euros. A commitment that reflects in every project and in every production process: to fulfil this commitment we have adopted the scientific LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method, which measures the environmental impact of every product through careful evaluation of each of its life phases, from production to installation, to maintenance and ultimately to final disposal at the end of its life cycle.  

There are about 100 engineers in the Research & Development  team, all involved in the study of cutting edge technologies, for example in the rapidly developing area of CO2 refrigeration systems. CO2 is a natural refrigerant with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, very low if we compare it with a traditional R404 plant, which has a GWP of 3.922. This philosophy was further expanded through the decision to develop innovative green policies for the creation of zero impact manufacturing facilities. The Group has made innovative choices in professional training as well; each year, at the Epta CO2 Training Centre in England, courses are organised to train refrigeration professionals from many countries. Moreover, thanks to an e-learning platform, Epta provides 23,000 hours of training to Group employees each year.


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ISO certifications and Integrated Management Systems

For its manufacturing facilities, Epta uses an Integrated Management Systems policy whose aim is to align all procedures in order to rigorously pursue excellence in quality while fully respecting the environment and the community. The goals of the company are, on the one hand, fostering sound co-operation with clients, providing sustainable and innovational solutions; on the other hand, raising awareness to constantly improve the Integrated Management System (IMS) in all its facilities, thereby achieving the utmost efficiency in terms of manufacturing processes and of occupational health and safety.

Total Quality systems are a crucial driver for the Group. The certifications obtained are tangible proof of this:  ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018. Validated by independent agencies, these certifications endorse the Company's Quality Management System, Occupational safety and Manufacturing processes, all devised to safeguard energy sources and the ecosystem at large.