Supervisory Board of Epta


Supervisory Board

Code of Ethics, Organisation, Management and Control Model and the Supervisory Body

Epta’s Code of Ethics and conduct guidelines is a public document stating the general principles and rules of conduct of acknowledged ethical value. It is a tool for guiding decision-making processes. Its aim is to steer the operations of the Group, along with all those working for it, in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Download the Epta Code of Ethics

The rules of conduct in Epta’s Organisation, Management and Control Model (OMCM) are combined with the guidelines in the Ethical Code of Conduct, adopted by the Group to map the company’s professional ethics. The Group recognises these principles as its own and calls on all Recipients, namely all those involved with Epta’s business organisation, to observe them.

Supervisory body

- Federica Mor - Chairperson
- Mauro Ferrari - Regular member

The Supervisory Body can be conducted at the following e-mail address: