Epta publishes the first Integrated Financial Statements

search 29 Apr 2022

Integrated Reporting

Epta publishes for the first time its Integrated Financial Statements, a document that integrates economic and financial results with environmental ones. This is a milestone in terms of transparency and communication, and which represents the natural evolution of ten years of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Indeed, for Epta, sustainability has always been a fundamental asset in its interaction with aspects of competitiveness and financial performance.


In order to progress and reach new goals, it is necessary to get involved, to understand the news and intercept the emerging trends. Resilience and the ability to transform are at the basis of the excellent results obtained, despite the difficulties and continuous change taking place. In fact, 2021 will be remembered at Epta as the year in which the company became "One Billion Company" and even surpassing that threshold to reach almost one billion and two hundred million.


Cav. Lav. Eng. Marco Nocivelli - Chairman and CEO of Epta declares: “This is a goal of which we are extremely proud, since we have achieved it also thanks to the solid principles that guide us, which are essential for acting decisively in a context of exceptional change. A result that goes in parallel with important goals achieved also from the environmental point of view: a fundamental prerogative for Epta, which has long integrated the Sustainable Development Goals within its company policy."


Among the achievements recorded in this area, a 9% reduction in water consumption compared to 2019 and a 92% recycling of waste within the plants stand out. The goals that Epta has set itself to achieve for 2025 are also ambitious. They include the achievement of 95% of recycled waste and the reduction of CO2 emissions in processes by approximately 55%.


Innovation and sustainability have characterized the group's identity since its inception and in recent years they have been elevated to a founding logic for the entire business. Sustainable innovation is, in fact, the basis of every activity, both at a production and at a strategic level. A choice that allows you to look at the most complex contemporary challenges with awareness and provides the tools to face them with enthusiasm, creating real shared value for all stakeholders, in full compliance with ESG principles.


Marco Nocivelli concludes: “Epta's growth would not be possible without teamwork and the contribution of all those who have put their commitment and dedication into the activities that have seen them involved. The result obtained from having shared the uniqueness and potential of each resource is certainly greater than the sum of the individual parts. I am sure that we will continue in this direction with the ingenuity, determination and passion that distinguish us."

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