RevUP Technology: the masterpiece of refrigeration flies high at Euroshop


Five overwhelming days crammed with satisfaction: Euroshop 2014 was the launching pad for one of the most important revelations that the refrigeration business has witnessed in the past few years. On February 17, in front of a large audience of clients, journalists, partners and co-workers, EPTA presented the new REVUP technology applied to cabinets GranVista by Costan and Skyview by Bonnet Névé: an unprecedented, completely re-engineered vertical cabinet, efficient and multisensory.

Suspense and enthusiasm were the hallmarks of the unveil event. In the course of it William Pagani, the Group's International Sales Director and Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director, expressed their pride in the Epta team's work and commitment that made it possible to achieve extremely high standards in terms of design, aesthetics and sustainability.

A very lively atmosphere that was confirmed by the words of Mr. Pagani: "Invisible cabinet for visible merchandising: I am proud to introduce this new purchase-stimulating range, completely different from the cabinets on the market and based on the principles of contemporary architecture, which is increasingly characterised by indoor spaces protected by total glass facades".

To re-live the highlights of the event, watch the video or the Facebook page.

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Fresh Meat Dynamic System: freshness to attract


Both in the supermarket and in the butcher's shop, freshness and healthiness are the key elements behind the choice of the consumer, especially when meat holds the centre of the table. To ensure perfect preservation, Eurocryor has devised the Fresh Meat Dynamic System, an unprecedented solution that captures cold and turns it into sheer refrigerating energy.

A unique blend of technology and quality in four simple letters: FMDS makes it possible to display the products inside the chilled counter for 5 days in a row, with no need to remove them and store them in cold rooms overnight, and yet it keeps their organoleptic properties and their fresh, enticing look intact. Moreover, it affords an average weight loss of only 0.12% compared to a traditional cabinet for meat, which provides an average value of 3%. The result is estimated in annual savings of over 18,000 Euros.

Well beyond the boundaries of innovation, the Eurocryor brand has overachieved itself, uniting this technology to thousands or customisation possibilities. To furnish stores in the best possible way, it actually developed design equipment, flexible and entirely tailor-made, that places the client at the centre of the stage and enables total visibility of the cuts and products displayed. Captivating lines and surprising lighting: architecture welcomes imagination and changes the style of the meat areas of stores and small shops, thereby transforming these into modern, elegant and essential boutiques.

Check out what clients that have tested the Fresh Meat Dynamic System say about it!

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Wal-Mart: first CO2 installation in Argentina

Epta Argentina S.A., in cooperation with System Engineering of EPTA, celebrated together with Wal-Mart the set-up of the first store in Argentina with low temperature CO2 systems in the shop located in Caseros in the Province of Buenos Aires.
A successful collaboration between the well-known Retailer and EPTA Argentina S.A, which, thanks to this installation, takes first place in Argentina for having set-up a medium temperature system with indirect refrigeration and a CO2 low temperature cascade powerpack . All this guaranteed by a supply that is fully integrated with the production of refrigeration units on two different production sites of the EPTA group (Rosario, Argentina and Limana, Italy). In addition, cold rooms equipped with insulated panels have been included in the new store for a chilled area of 1200 m2 together with Costan counters, such as Lion remote vertical furnishings and in particular plug-in cabinets such as Beluga and Sound, working with propane (R290), which represent another strong indication of a pioneering environmental investment for South America.
CO2 is one of the most environmentally friendly gases and is currently the most widely used in Europe by key companies, such as Carrefour and Tesco. Opting for this technology reflects the commitment of another large Retail company in safeguarding the environment thanks to the use of high performance solutions offered by EPTA.
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Bonnet Névé was awarded the Janus: where eco-design is the protagonist.


Bonnet Névé, the Epta Group brand, was awarded the Janus de l’Industrie, eco-design mention by the French Design Institute(IFD), thanks toSkyView, a high-performance solution jointly created with Danone and thought out by One Buy One. Bonnet Névé was formally conferred this prize at the 60th Janus award-giving ceremony, held at the Palais du Luxemburg, on January 28th: an opportunity to uplift fourty-nine exemplary creations, among which SkyView claims its role as a cabinet that improves the shoppers’ day-to-day.

Janus de l’Industrie is an award that the Institut Français du Design has given since 1953 to products that – ever since their conception – are singled out by an innovational design, an utilitarian value as well as a real benefit for the user.

SkyView and the Opinion of the Jury

The refrigerated cabinet named SkyView, installed in the « fresh foods» area, represents a remarkable improvement for such a strategic high-attendance space in any supermarket. The jury showed to have appreciated the effect produced by the creation of a livelier space that can also be used for promotional initiatives.

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RevUP spotlights GranVista and SkyView

REVUP is Epta’s exclusive new feature at Euroshop; it is a concept in line with the “Power UP your store” slogan that aims at revolutionizing and improving the consumers' shopping experience and expanding the Retailers' business.
The absolute stars in this development are GranVista byCostan and SkyView by Bonnet Névé. A new and mould-breaking solution on the market that is backed by the Group's 100 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Presented for the first time at Euroshop, it is a vertical cabinet,completely re-engineered in terms of look, lighting and materials
A wall of products available to the consumer in a single gesture. GranVista and SkyView are total glass cabinets including full-height glass doors. They are characterized by the absence of a roof and by uprights that allow an 8% larger opening.
In regards to energy efficiency, the double glass doors feature the bestUG value on the market, i.e. 1.1 W/m2.k, for a cabinet with insulation similar to that of a cold room and with better mist prevention. The results - certified by Eurovent - confirm that GranVista/SkyView is constructed with materials providing the highest level of performance in terms of thermal insulation. Its completely renewed aeraulic design enables 11% energy savings when compared to traditional closed cabinets and 62% when compared to open cabinets with night curtains.
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Epta will be an exhibitor at the Gulfood 2014 trade show


Epta and its brandsEurocryor, Misa andIarp, are pleased to announce their presence at the upcoming Gulfood, the biggest yearly Middle East trade show dedicated to foodservice, hospitality and retail food and drink.

The trade show, to be hosted at the Dubai World Trade Center from February 23rd  through 27th, 2014, will present in excess of 4,200 exhibitors and expects a 13% increase in the number of visitors from the whole world.

The Epta Group, a leader in commercial refrigeration, will be exhibiting innovational solutions developed to offer maximum customisation possibilities and to create highly successful stores.


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Epta takes part in Euroshop


"POWER UP YOUR STORE" will actually be the leitmotiv for Epta at the next Euroshop 2014, in close connection with the Group's ability to satisfy the requirements of retailers and push the growth of their stores to the maximum. The International tradefair, which will take place in Dusseldorf from 16th to 20th Febraury, will be the occasion for Epta to express its approach to the market focused on complete solutions for the commercial refrigeration needs, combining merchandising with cutting-edge refrigeration systems, so to provide an optimized management of energy resources. 

Epta will be at booth A60-B60, Pavillion 16.

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Discover the new Misa, to host the International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry


From 18 to 22 October in Milan, Misa will be an exhibitor at the Host 2013, the International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry.

A truly unique opportunity that counts among its visitors 125.000 trade professionals, including 42,500 foreigner visitors from 153 countries, decision makers, purchasing managers, stakeholders and distributors.

Also for the 2013 edition, the International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry, confirms its role as market place leader and trend setter for the whole Ho.Re.Ca. world. (Hotel-Restaurant-Café business). An unmissable opportunity to discover new products, new ideas and new services. Supported by the prestigious and HACCP certification recently obtained, Misa will present the most innovative solutions in the world of cold storage and refrigeration systems. Quality solutions, continuous innovation and perfect food preservation will be the exhibition guidelines.

Come and visit us: Misa at Host 2013 Pad.1 Stand F31

For further info:

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