On Thursday 8 October, Epta will be taking part in the “Energy requalification of shopping centres: technologies and methodologies” round table, organized within the framework of the European CommONEnergy project, which will be held at the Coop Forum in Expo 2015 starting at 5:30 pm.

The European Union-funded CommONEnergy project aims to transform supermarkets, which are often conceived as paradigms of our consumer society, into concrete examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability. The programme involves 23 partners, including the Epta group, which represent various Companies, as well as the research centres and academia of ten European countries.

Benefits for the environment and for society: the project has several objectives, which range from a drastic reduction in energy consumption in stores to a significant mobilization of investment, and will create around 20,000 new jobs. CommONEnergy is seeking to develop a systematic approach to revolutionizing the retail outlets of the large supermarket chains, adopting innovative methods and technologies.

Epta’s role in CommONEnergy ranges from developing CO2-based solutions for the integration of refrigeration with existing systems in buildings with a view to moving them towards “near-zero” energy impact, to the manufacture of installations designed to exploit the synergies offered by Smart Grids.

In the context of the round table, the Group, represented by Maurizio Orlandi, Manager of Epta Innovation Centre, will discuss the topic: How to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact, always a fundamental pillar of the company’s approach.

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The Epta Group has presented its third Corporate Social Responsibility Report, providing last year’s key economic, social and environmental results to stakeholders and Clients. It also defines future objectives, promoting sustainable growth and enhancing human resources. Epta set a high standard for the reiability of this report which has accordingly been certified by the TÜV Austria Cert GmbH Institute which applies the GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) guidelines, obtaining an assessment of C+.

In addition to high-performance energy saving solutions, Epta’s focus on safeguarding the environment is also borne out by measures geared towards optimising energy and water consumption in establishments: the installation of cogeneration systems and photovoltaic panels has, in one year, led to a 14% reduction in the KOEs (Kilograms of Oil Equivalent) per product made, whilst consistent technical improvements have also reduced water consumption at a rate of 31% per unit produced.

Further confirmation of the Group’s dedication to protecting the global climate balance comes in the form of the many awards it has received. In particular these include Ecocare 2014 for the environmental sustainability of Costan’s plant in Belluno, the RAC Cooling Industry Award 2014, the Eco-conception 2015 award and the prestigious Janus de L’Industrie 2014 and 2015, with a mention for Eco Design.

Epta also aims to create a positive and safe workplace, and in doing so intends developing the skills and competences of its human resources. In particular, with regard to the health and safety of its workers, the Group has drafted the “Epta for safety” project, which has guaranteed an 18% reduction in the number of accidents per work hour over the last twelve months.

Marco Nocivelli, Epta’s CEO, declared: “The third Report is tangible proof of our commitment to continue the process which got underway four years ago to demonstrate and implement strategies geared towards achieving sustainable social progress.” A responsible approach effectively summed up by the concept “The Epta Way UP: Preserving Food Value”, which takes tangible form in the ongoing Research & Development work for ensuring food is preserved and displayed to excellent standards, with full respect for the resources of the local area.

Epta 3rd Corporate Social Responsability Report

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Thanks to its innovative and eco-friendly technologies Epta has once again been nominated amongst the finalist of the eleventh edition of the RAC Cooling Industry Awards, the most prestigious event for the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector, which the Group has already won prizes in 2006, 2009 and 2014. The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 23 September, during the course of a gala evening at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, in London.

The refrigeration and air-conditioning industry is today facing the challenge of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, to protect the planet’s resources and prevent change of its delicate climate balance. RAC Cooling Industry Awards was first held in 2004 run by the eponymous sector magazine, to award companies that set themselves apart in terms of solutions that are sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Specifically, this year Epta is a finalist in two categories: Environmental Collaboration of the Year and Refrigeration Product of the Year. With regard to the former, the Group was nominated alongside the English company Aerofoil Energy and Sainsbury’s, the UK supermarket chain who have a strong drive towards reducing the environmental cost of refrigeration, for the installation of an aerodynamic profile fixed to the front of shelves to maximize maximise energy saving. The vertical GranVista, the flag-ship of the Rev UP Family, will be competing for the award of Refrigeration Product of the Year: a refrigerated multi-sensorial cabinet, characterised by a surprising design and by innovative use of materials of the quality, to ensure the maximum level of thermal insulation and a significant reduction of energy consumption. In addition, thanks to this design, Epta has already received a prestigious eco-design award from the Institut Français du Design.

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A new award for Epta, as it wins the first edition of Eco Conception Aquitania. The event was organised by CCI Landes (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Landes) to reward the most innovative solutions designed and produced in France and, in particular, Aquitania, that succeed in combining style, functionality, ergonomics and durability.

Once again the champion is REV Up Technology and, specifically the total glass vertical cabinet Skyview for Bonnet Névé and Granvista for Costan, which has already been awarded a Janus de l’Industrie Eco Design mention. The solution responds perfectly to the principle of eco-design, which is the essence of the project: the use of composite materials guarantees more recycling and ensures a 60% reduction in water consumption during the production phase.

Central to the design of the cabinet is consideration of the trio product/market/Customers, with the aim of modifying the existing paradigm and offering a cabinet with an exclusive style, which also stimulates purchases and responds effectively to the need for Retailers to save energy. In this regard, SkyView/GranVista has LED illumination, low-consumption fans and greater thermal insulation (+30%), for a lower energy consumption within the retail outlet (-50%) compared to traditional open cabinets.
Finally, Epta invested in an LCA (Product Life Cycle Analysis) simulator to quantify the actual impact of the solution on the environment. The software was produced thanks to the contribution of ADEME (Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie) and the combined commitment of Epta France’s R&D Team based in Hendaye and the international organisation QUANTIS. The data shows that SkyView/GranVista creates a 49.5% reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional open cabinets, with a resulting reduction in CO2 emissions of 7831 Kg, which corresponds to 42 return plane journeys between Paris and London.

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Epta is an active partner within the Anima Federation, which is present at Expo2015 in the Italian Pavilion through the Special Confindustria Project. The collaboration involves various important ventures to promote Italian industry throughout the world.

The project #AnimaPerExpo, that is presented within the Italian space at the Universal Exposition, entails the development of specific plans to improve the brand image of Epta and another six historic brands from the Italian manufacturing sector, who are points of reference in the irrigation, cooking and transport sectors.

Amongst the most interesting results from the partnership between the Anima Federation and Epta we note the important role played by the Group in setting up the Exhibition #FoodPeople, organised by the Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum of Milan, the contribution to the organisation of FabFood, the exhibition dedicated to sustainable industrial food production that Confindustria is hosting within Palazzo Italia and the video that was filmed with Rai (Radio Televisione Italiana), to illustrate Italian technological excellence. In addition, the Anima Federation will be communicating with Epta through its new website focused on the Universal Exposition (http://expo2015.anima.it/it/content/epta).
The ceremony offered an opportunity to highlight the importance of technological innovation in the food sector and promote a responsible approach, which is fully reflected in the concept The Epta Way UP: preserving food value. It is a fact that the Group has always put its technologically advanced systems at the service of Retailers, to ensure perfect food safety, conservation and displaying of foods, thus adding value.


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The Epta Group, already a donor to the “Luigi Bocconi” University of Milan, is now one of the main financers of the new AldAF-EY Chair in Family Business Strategies, in memory of the great Italian entrepreneur, Alberto Falck.

Presented on March 4th by Prof. Guido Corbetta, this new Chair has  evolved from the existing temporary position, established with a contributions from the AldAF (Italian Association of Family Businesses) in 2004 to support detailed studies in topics related to family businesses, a growing area which increased its share in the Fortune Global 500 from 15% in 2005 to the current 19%. Based on an analysis by the Department of Management and Technology family businesses are in a position to pursue important basic choices, and can guarantee continuity and stability in an economic situation that, despite the hard times, has the potential through courage and determination to see future growth.

There are two significant changes: on the one hand, thanks to the Donor company, the AldAF Chair becomes permanent and is the first course dedicated to preparing young men and women to make family businesses competitive in world markets. On the other, thanks to a contribution from the EY “Global Family Business Centre of Excellence” – a world network for professional account auditing and organization, tax, transaction and advisory services – the Chair can function internationally, offering concrete support to the various needs of Family Businesses.

The EPTA Group, a backer of this project, represents a concrete example of an excellent family business which succeeded in consolidating its position in the market by the combination of international growth through acquisition of important foreign brands, and continuous investment in both process and product innovation, demonstrating its effectiveness and strength over the years.

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Milan, July 17th 2015 – Epta announces the acquisition of Knudsen Køling, a company specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of turnkey refrigeration and CO2 systems in Denmark. With this strategic move EPTA strengthens its position in the Nordic Countries, a region with the highest standards in environment and energy efficient solutions, key characteristics of the Epta offer.

The Head Office of Knudsen Køling is in Køge, close to Copenhagen - Denmark, the Company has been providing Retailers and industry with excellently designed, highly efficient refrigeration cabinets, plug-ins and reliable solutions for over 50 years, supported by a nationwide sales distribution and service network.

A well-established business, Knudsen Køling provides the best in class products, customized concepts and dedicated services to the main Retailers in the region, such as the Coop Group, Dansk Supermarked, Dagrofa/Norgesgruppen, Reitan and many others.

Epta is already present in the Nordic Countries with its own subsidiaries in Finland and Norway, working directly with major Retailers, as well as through a premium network of qualified distributors. The Group has entered into this agreement with the intent of consolidating its position in the north of Europe, one of the first markets to develop solutions with natural refrigerants. Epta and Knudsen Køling together, have completed more than 1.000 installations of CO2 systems worldwide. The acquisition will foster important synergies among the existing operations in Germany and UK, with strong benefits for all customers and business partners in the region.

In Marco Nocivelli's words as Epta's CEO: “Since the year 2000 Knudsen Køling has been one of the most dynamic players in Denmark in the development of CO2 systems. The acquisition of Knudsen Køling is a perfect match for our expansion plan to strengthen our presence in the refrigeration market worldwide, through  partnership with leading brands in their respective countries. This is a great opportunity for both parties to share technological expertise and offer the widest portfolio of HFC free solutions”.

Caretti & Associati has been Epta’s financial advisor, whilst ATRIUM Partners acted as financial advisor to the sellers.

The closing of the acquisition is final and will be effective July 17th 2015.


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EPTA, with its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp, confirms its attention to quality in the cold chain by becoming a sponsor of Plataforma del Congelado, founded in Spain in 2003 and which has sustained the development of the frozen food industry since 2009, through close collaboration between producers and distributors.

This Platform is a permanent year long initiative promoted by the most important companies in the frozen product sector and coordinated by the AECOC, a non-profit association bringing together more than 24,000 Spanish companies with the objective of increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the entire supply chain, thus creating added value for the consumer. Moreover, AECOC is a member of GS1, one of the most important International organizations dedicated to the development and implementation of world standards and solutions for effective, safe management of the distribution chain in numerous sectors.

The main objectives of the Plataforma del Congelado range from circulating information on the strengths of frozen products, to improving the perception of this product category and identifying the most recent trends in purchasing and consumer needs, all to guarantee a more satisfying shopping experience. Lastly, the Platform aims to optimize all aspects of the cold chain, thus promoting effective training for all workers in the sector.

As a sponsor of the initiative, Epta will be a sounding board for the needs and requests of producers and retailers, making its knowledge and most recent innovations available for the growth of the entire sector. In fact, through its technically advanced systems, Epta ensures perfect conservation and display of foods, promoting their value and safety, as effectively expressed in its slogan: “The Epta Way UP:  preserving Food Value”.

Finally, with an eye on improving the Frozen food area, Epta looks to new solutions through the Rev-UP Family, a Costan and Bonnet Névé range that ensures easy access to products and elevated performance in terms of energy savings. In particular, the ElephantUP/AmpleoUP negative temperature wall cabinets and the CaymanUP/ColiseumUP vertical and horizontal units stand out; they are all marked by full glass doors with anti-mist film and built-in LED lights, for maximum visibility.

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Epta developed the first CO2 banana ripening system in Germany for Matthies & Söhne Fruchtimport GmbH, one of the leading German importers of fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world. Bananas are a climacteric fruit and continue to ripen after separation from the plant. They are harvested while still green and placed in a refrigerated ripening chamber, at a specific temperature, and exposed to Ethylene gas to complete the ripening process, thus reaching a consistency and sweetness perfect for sale.

The system installed by Epta consists of six chambers in which the fruit ripens over a period of a few days. This system is different from others because the temperature is manually controlled: in fact, the operator can adjust the temperature according to the ripening degree desired, thus guaranteeing meticulous control over all of the process phases. Moreover, using a TCP/IP interface, Epta can remotely monitor the system 24/7, intervening immediately in case of malfunctions.

The solution, complete with a CO2 system and Misa cold rooms, is equipped with three-point adjustment so the operator can set the temperature with maximum precision. If the temperature falls below the lower limit, the heating system kicks in; conversely, if the maximum set temperature is exceeded, the refrigeration system automatically starts up. The cooling system uses CO2, a natural refrigeration gas that ensures energy savings of 25% and a high level of sustainability.

Robert Roßmann, from the Epta central area Service/Sales department explains, “We work with a sensor that constantly measures the temperature inside one of the bananas. Our program controls and records every variation. In this way, our clients obtain better profits, because the raw materials are preserved for a longer period, without rapidly spoiling”.

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Epta invites you to take an exclusive tour of #FoodValue its enchanting “Foodcities” Eurocryor, Misa & Iarp at Host 2015 (Hall 2 M22 P15), one of the most important international events in the catering and hospitality industry to be held on 23-27 October in Milan, located in close proximity to pavilions of Expo 2015.

You will experience our view of what innovative thought means in food preservation through visiting our stand, which is divided into three complimentary areas that in turn combine harmoniously with the original RawFood Corner by Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp: the “kingdom” of Chef Lorena Loriato, whom Epta will have the pleasure of hosting during the event.

The chef, a leading exponent of raw food, will illustrate the immense importance of refrigeration solutions in the preparation of raw food through a series of daily cooking demonstrations at 11:30am and 3:00 pm. Experts in nutrition have confirmed that the growing trend in Europe to use raw ingredients in food preparation is beneficial due to the retention of nutritious elements such as vitamins, enzymes, mineral salts and organoleptic properties that would otherwise be lost during food processing.

In this regard, the correct preservation of raw food ingredients is one of Epta’s imperatives, which has been channelled through the Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp developments to be seen at FoodCity.  With the mission statement “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, Epta reasserts its commitment to technologically advanced solutions that ensure perfect preservation and display of foodstuffs while enhancing its life value.


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